Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Transitioning Your Wardrobe

In my neck of the woods we move from autumn to summer in a matter of months. Winter hardly exists (we did have a few flurries of snow on New Years Day). Its a little sad. Most of all it's hard on my wardrobe. My husband and I moved from the winter wonderland of states to the fires of hell and I was pregnant at the time. My wardrobe still has not transitioned.

Wardrobes need to be able to transition all the time. Winter to summer, professional to casual, day to night, teenage to adult, etc. Here are some tips, and some pieces you need to own for your transition from cold to warm.

1. Obviously enough, get rid of what isn't working. Scarves are vital to every spring wardrobe. I have four pink scarves. FOUR! I mean seriously? You gotta love pink, but no one needs four. I never wear them so they're taking up space in my closet. I have multiple pairs of jeans that are way too long for me. I can't bring myself to get rid of them because if I do I will have nothing in my closet. I don't know why I would keep them, but I have. I need to bite the bullet and hit delete.

2. Make sure you love the pieces you buy. I look terrible in tan. At least I think so, but I have a tan cardigan. It fits perfectly, it would be perfect for nippy spring days, but I don't wear it because blech. I could get a cardigan in another neutral (like grey) that would fit much better in my wardrobe because I would wear it. Go shopping by yourself, or take someone who won't pressure you to buy something because they like it. Don't buy something because it's on sale. You don't have to pay full price, but just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's a good investment.  It's a waste of money and it'll take up precious closet space.

Okay. On to tips that are specific to winter-summer transitions.

3. Layer everything and find a happy medium. When I was in school and we had big standardized tests coming up my teachers would always tell us to wear layers because the testing room might be too cold or hot. I always imagined stripping down to my skivvies (not that I'd want to do that at school). Same idea for spring, but maybe not as drastic. Weather can be unpredictable. Wear a light t-shirt under a cardigan or scarf. Wear pants/leggings that you can cuff if you find it's too warm for the length. Wear boots over the tops of capri leggings. I did this all the time in my winter wonderland and found that it wasn't quite as hot as wearing long pants, but still warm enough to keep me from shivering.

4. Stash flats/sandals in convenient places. I hate when my feet are hot and sweaty. If my feet are hot the rest of me will be too. When it finally got warm enough that I wasn't sure I'd take my flats with me just in case I didn't want to wear my boots anymore. I was always amazed when I'd change shoes and suddenly it didn't feel so sweltering hot anymore.

5. Wear your hair down. I never wear my hair down because it's so dang hot all the time. That, and it's hard to keep it looking nice with a toddler yanking on it every five seconds. But this is good news for your transition! Afraid you'll be cold? Wear your hair down for some instant warmth and revel in it while you can.

Natural Lace-Accent Open CardiganRoyal Blue Adjustable-Strap Tank

Pair a plain and simple tank with a plain but elegant cardigan. I have about seven tank tops like this one and I use them all the time. I love that the neck line doesn't show off cleavage and I love the length. It's a necessity for any wardrobe.

Navy Blue BlazerCoral Tulip Tank

I'm in love with this pink split-front tank top. So cute! It would look fantastic under a blazer. Roll up those sleeves to stay cool and stylish!

Good luck with your transitions.