Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Outfit Overhaul - Heather Davis

I have an adorable, sweet sister who has recently begun college. Hmm... now that I think about it, I think this is her second semester. I don't know if that counts as "recent" anymore. Since having my baby I lose track of time really easily.

Anyway. She had her computer stolen while she was doing her laundry this past week. It's so sad. She worked so hard to get that computer and I feel so bad. I can't really help with the computer, but I thought she'd appreciate an outfit just for her to help cheer her up.

She's studying to be a marine biologist, and getting straight A's while doing it. My first year of college I was studying theater and I remember being on the phone with my mom having an absolute  melt down because I was struggling to do the work for a class. She has always had an incredible head on her shoulders and I'm so proud of her.

As if she needs an overhaul. What a beauty!
Underwater Introduction TeeIf I were to describe her style it would be "casual edginess". She has plenty of comfy outfits so in celebration of her brilliant brain I thought I'd give her an idea for a job interview outfit that fits with her chosen profession and her edgy style.

I saw this shirt and I wish I currently had money so that I could get it for her. It's so "Heather". You'll remember it from my post about the ModCloth sale. I decided it would be perfect for her job interview outfit. If you're thinking "wow... that's kind of casual for an interview" keep reading!!

To jazz up the t-shirt I would pair it with these plain, black slacks . Slacks are an essential part of every outfit. I have a wonderful pair of maternity slacks, but I need to invest in another pair that aren't maternity pants. I use black slacks for everything. If an event requires nice dress, but not something formal I go with slacks. I always make sure my slacks are comfortable. My belief is that just because you have to wear it to work doesn't mean it needs to be stuffy and hard to wear.

To really pull this outfit together, though, you really need a blazer . The edginess is in the t-shirt, but to pull it off for something professional it needs to be dressed up. The reviews on this blazer are a little hard to follow. From what I gather you'll need to order a size up for the best fit. For example, I think I'd probably be okay with a medium, but I'd order the large just to be sure. Remember to return it if it doesn't work for you.

Heather is working on her shoe collection as well. (I think it has way cuter stuff than mine does, too. Amber is the sister with the shoe collection I talk about all the time.) I think a pair of simple black pumps would be perfect for a job interview. A pair of dark blue shoes might work well to work in the blue from the shirt.

For accessories, go with plain simple earrings. Teardrop diamonds or pearls would look really classy. Heather has a few piercings and I think it would depend on who you're interviewing with if I would show those off or not. Do a teardrop earring in the bottom and then a stud in the others if you think they'd be okay with that. I would imagine that in the world of marine biology they'd probably celebrate some spunk, but really I have no idea. Personally, I would skip a necklace. That'd be a lot going on in the mid section of this outfit.

You could do so much with this outfit. Tuck in the shirt and wear a belt with the jacket. Instead of a blazer wear a dark cardigan. Cuff the bottom of the slacks to really add some edge. Wear a shrug or a cropped jacket and let the t-shirt and the print really show off. Wear a dark pencil skirt to show off some leg. The more I think about it the more adorable I think it would be.