Monday, April 13, 2015

Outfit Overhaul: Alia Shawkat

I haven’t seen any of Arrested Development, but Alia Shawkat is really not rocking this denim look. I’m amazed at how popular this denim-on-denim look has become over the past few years. I remember my mom telling me once that if you’re wearing jeans you have to find something else to wear on top. I still stick to that rule… in fact I don’t own denim shirts at all, but I’m considering changing that.

1. These jeggings come in tons of really cool colors if you’re looking for something different. My favorite is that they come in capri length. Definitely ordering these.

2. There aren’t very many denim shirts in the world of Amazon, but I found this really cute dress that would be the perfect length for those jeggings. I’m not in love with the belt that comes with the shirt.

3. I would try this elastic cinch belt that I used in this post instead. Highlight that little waist of yours, and break up the denim at the same time.

Add a red statement necklace and your black flats and you’ve got a cute version of this look.

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