Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easy Spring Trends for Moms

Sometimes I look at the things that the big fashion names are producing for the season and I’m just blown away. Some of it is… ridiculous. I’m new to the fashion world, and I have no idea how all of this works, but seriously. A normal person would never wear these:

 Okay… I’m sure someone would, but in the time it would take me to put on these monstrosities Miss K would have pulled apart the entirety of my kitchen, ripped down at least three window blinds, and climbed to the top of the fridge. 

1. Gladiator sandals are a great option, though, if you’re not into flip-flops (which I’m not). My sister (the one with the gorgeous feet) has a few pairs that look fantastic with capris and leggings.

2. says that statement earrings will be in fashion this season. My daughter is in the habit of pulling any jewelry I wear, so I’m especially careful about earrings. hoop earrings are a definite favorite of mine. Diamond (or cubic zirconia) studs are always in style. I don’t know if they’re statement earrings, but they’re classics.

3. I’ve always loved the scarves and the way women wore them in the 50s. I’ve never really been able to pull it off outside of a costume, but apparently it’s coming back into style. Try a longer one and tie the knot right around your neck for a little old-fashioned style. When I think Spring accessories I always think floral and light.

Try something new this season.