Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dress-up Time!

My mother-in-law bought Miss K a beautiful, ruffly dress from somewhere and I can’t wait for her to wear it. I love the tradition of Easter clothes. Now that you’ve gotten a dress for yourself (obviously a priority) maybe it’s time to think about your kiddos. Similar to my last post, I picked ten of my favorites!

1. This princess dress is just so cute. I love the flower belt and the details at the bottom. It’d go really well with the chevron maxi dress (#3 from Wednesday’s post).

2. Can we just forget the price tag on this adorable ombre dress? I love the belt. I love the rosettes on the top. I love the tulle. This one could look really cute with the purple gypsy dress (#4). Maybe… it might be too different, but purple is good.

3. This dress is a little less formal than the first two. It’s so summery and sweet (it might go well with #1 if you ordered both in blue).

4. This cutey has sleeves! So cute. This would be a little easier on the budget as well.

5. I don't know if this dress exactly qualifies as an Easter dress, but can you say Audrey Hepburn? It would be perfect if you're already sick to death of pastels.

6. Oh my gosh.This dress is teal and it has black chevron print. Oh it's so cute! It's less than $20 so if you're looking for adorable and affordable this could be just the thing.

7. This dress that would look perfect on a pre-teen. I love the chevron print on the bottom.

8. This is another beautiful dress that would be phenomenal for a pre-teen. It's long and grown up, but not so grown up that you have to worry. I love the lace overlay on the top.

9. Let’s talk about Easter clothes for boys. This pinstripe vest suit makes me want to have a boy! I love when people at church have their sons all dressed up in little suits. So cute.

10. This five-piece suit is probably a little bit of overkill but can you just imagine? Hmm... now that I try I think I'd probably be carrying most of the pieces down the hallway while I chased his naked butt. But I can dream that I'll have a mini Neal Caffrey, right?

I would just like to say that I woke up my daughter squealing over the adorableness of all these clothes. Everyone says being a mom is wonderful for a lot of different reasons, but let's be real. Half the fun is dressing them in adorable clothing.

In other news, my daughter used a potty for the first time this week!!! :D She's 16 months and I sure hope I'm reading the signs right because I think she's ready.

Have a wonderful Easter, everyone!


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