Wednesday, April 15, 2015

4 Ways to Wear Capris

I don't like shorts. Well, I guess I do. I like short shorts (they make me look taller and show off my legs), but I don't love showing that much skin to anyone except my husband. I know there are some longer options, but I'm petite as it is. Long shorts make me look short and stout - like a little teapot.

As I'm sure I've said before, living in the desert is just not conducive to wearing long pants (even full length leggings) for very many months out of the year. So what's a girl to do?

Capris. I wear capris all the time! I feel like capris, particularly the black legging variety I frequent, look especially like workout clothes. Whenever I see someone in capris and a t-shirt I think 'oh they're going to the gym'. Not exactly a daily option. So here are four ideas (and their corresponding Amazon links).

1. Pro - Angelina Jolie: I love that she's wearing a simple, almost casual top, and her capris are short slacks. Plain and simple and gorgeous. This would be perfect for a day on the job or a parent/teacher conference. Slacks3/4 Sleeve Top, Pumps, Bag

2. Casual - Taylor Swift: Plain and simple. Use your normal leggings, but keep it from looking too "workout gear" by wearing a long button-up shirt. Hi-low Button Up (Keep in mind this one runs SMALL.)

3. Print - Katy Perry: Printed leggings look fantastic, but they scare me a little. I haven't ordered a pair yet. I love that she pairs these crazy busy leggings with a pretty basic top. Great idea. Pattern Leggings, Kimono Tunic

4. Color - Taylor Swift: Colored leggings can go pretty wrong pretty quickly too. I think this look is a little more daring - bright color, eye-catching pattern. The pattern draws your eye up instead of letting you sit and look at all the reasons a color isn't working. (Not that any of this is wrong on Taylor. I wish I had her legs.) Jeggings, Hi-low Tunic (I ordered this one in a plain dark green color and I'm in love.)

Have you tried some cool capri pants you want to share? Tell me your ideas!