Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Why is This so Difficult?

So I got a gift card to Amazon for participating in a survey and I decided I wanted to use it on a new outfit. I wanted to get two pairs of those leggings I keep advertising - the Zenana Basic Fit Capri Leggings. I am incredibly disappointed to report that they are completely out of stock in my size unless I want blue leggings. I was ordering a green shirt to go with them and I decided blue just wasn't going to match the way I wanted. I spent HOURS looking for something else. I am so sad that I've been linking to these leggings in almost every post and unless you wear a size small in leggings (if you do, that's AWESOME, but I don't and none of the women in my family do...) you can't get them.

Earlier this week my sisters and I were discussing the faux leather leggings we've seen some ladies wearing and I decided to try a pair of those with my gift card instead.

So here's what I got. Remember this post? The one about sizing? I'm going to walk you through my process with both of these pieces.

When I compared my measurements to the sizing chart I fell right on the edge between a medium and a large - very helpful. So I moved on to the reviews, especially the ones right around 3 stars. Some of the women said that the tunic was too large, but there were a few who said it wasn't quite long enough to cover all the lady bits in the front - good information, but didn't give me a definitive answer. My gut said "It's a tunic. It's supposed to fit larger. Besides I'd rather have a shirt that was a little large than one that was too small." I knew that I was looking for a shirt that would look good on days (like today) when I don't feel skinny and need to cover some pounds. And lastly, it does come with free return shipping, so if the worst happens and I hate it I can return it. I ordered a large.

These were much harder to decide. According to the sizing chart the large that they offer will fit perfectly, but as I was reading the reviews others said that the leggings run small. The large tends to be too tight on women who also thought it would fit perfectly. My gut said order an XL, but they don't carry that. Hmm... so it all came down to the last tip. They do have free shipping, and it's kind of like an experiment. We'll see how they work. Maybe I'll love them, maybe I won't. I like them well enough to go to the hassle of returning if they don't fit.

I wish I could have justified a new pair of flats to go with this outfit. In my head it looks very cute with some yellow flats, but those will have to wait until next time.

Thanks to The Pleated Poppy for letting me be part of this week's "What I Wore Wednesday" Link Party. Check out these blogs for some awesome outfit ideas!

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