Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Perfect Mom Purse

Lets talk about bags for a minute. I can't stand my diaper bag. It's huge and padded (it's a diaper bag, why in the world does it need to be cushiony??) and awkward. I've seen some other moms with cute options, but when I go hunting they're all too rich for my blood. Now that my daughter is a little older and doesn't need a new diaper every five minutes I can put most of the things I need in my own bag. I have always loved roomy purses, and this one is my favorite. It's not too expensive, and it has held up better than the expensive purses I've gotten.

This bag has a zipper pocket on the outside and another on the inside. The rest of the bag is open for diapers and bottles and other baby things.  It also has a zipper to keep little fingers out of the diaper cream. It's to die for. I could go on for days. I LOVE this bag.

 I will say this, however, if you're the kind who likes everything to be neat and organized inside your bag, this may not work for you. I keep my phone in one of the pockets so I never lose things, but I also don't care if the bottle is sideways (so long as there's a cap) or the diapers are a little mushed. I tried keeping things organized when we first had Miss K, but it's not reasonable.