Friday, March 27, 2015

Outfit Overhaul - Felicity Smoak

My husband and I started watching Arrow ages ago. I can't always get past the dramatics, but I love Felicity Smoak. She's sassy, and awkward, and sexy as heck. Basically she's adorable. I want to be her. I scoured the Internet, but couldn't find a single outfit that actually needed an overhaul. She's just so cute, but I did find one of her elegant, professional outfits that we could re-imagine in simple, mom-approved clothing.

  Felicity Smoak

 Polka dots are really hard to find and even harder to pull off. Instead I found this adorable tunic. It's comfortable, you don't have to worry about your chest falling out because it's cut too low, it's not clingy. Paired with this wide, elastic belt it'll cinch your waist and show off your hips. Try my favorite leggings to finish off this cute, classy "mom" outfit.

Have a great day!

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