Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Outfit Overhaul - Amy Farrah Fowler

I want to do posts where I redesign "mom" fashion, but I really can't justify knocking on my fellow mothers out there (unless you volunteer, of course). So I'm going to start with outfits we've seen on celebrities and T.V. characters (moms or not). I'm going to start with Amy Farrah Fowler from "The Big Bang Theory". I love that show, and I love her.

  Amy Overhaul

 I know that her style in the show is fitting with her character, but I also think that she has a really normal body shape and it's easy to show off some "mom" style on her rockin' body. This button-up shirt does nothing for her figure. It's boxy and cuts her body in half making her look shorter. The skirt could maybe work, but definitely not with the shirt. Check out this adorable "mom" option! ("Mom" option being used to describe an outfit that is quick and easy to put together.)
  Amy Overhaul Fixed

 I use Polyvore to put together images, but I found similar pieces at Amazon and it's perfection. If you've never tried geometric leggings this might be a great outfit to experiment with them.

This sweater comes in tons of different colors, but it's extra long. Print leggings show off a little extra in the lady-bits region so a little extra length is definitely preferable.
These jeggings say their pants, but from the reviews they're more like leggings. There's also some advice that it'd be good to order the size larger than the one the sizing guide would say. I want these pants. If you're living somewhere cold, Amazon offers a variety of fleece-lined leggings in plaid.
This cami tank is adorable even if you're thinking the pants are out of the question. It has adjustable straps and lace trim. It has two different shades of purple to choose from.
These ballet flats are a great alternative to Amy's chunky loafer-style shoes. Plus, lace.  Alright, I might be a little lace-obsessed, but only a little.
This crossbody bag is from the same designer that did my "perfect mom purse". This one has a ton of pockets and the quality is great without being overly expensive. And that wraps up the first outfit overhaul.

If you want me to overhaul one of your outfits, email me a photo at I'd love to give you some options!

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